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Transforming patients lives

The minimally invasive techniques taught at the Texas Center are transformative to patients and practice alike. Below are some examples of the powerful patient transformations that our clinical instructors and residents have helped make happen.

 tom  nate
Tom was driven to treatment due to a failing implant. He was referred in by an oral surgeon due to extreme wear and overload. He required a full mouth rejuvenation with porcelain. Nate had severe parafunctional habits in the presence of an acid environment. Sought treatment after he fractured a premolar and required an implant.
john linda
John had a history of breaking teeth, having them repaired, then breaking the crown or the filling. This had occurred repeatedly to the point that he was considering dentures. After having his mouth restored, via Rejuvenation Dentistry,  his mouth and teeth now work in harmony. He has gone over 10 years with a stable and healthy mouth. Linda suffered from severe myofacial pain and pain associated with TMD. It started over 35 years earlier when a lower left bridge was placed in her mouth. After having her mouth rejuvenated, she has been pain and headache free for over 10 years now. Note the relief in muscle tension as illustrated in the before/after pictures.
shirley suzanne
Shirley has been self-conscious about her smile her whole life. She knew by the way her teeth were wearing, something was not right with her bite. After thousands of dollars spent on piecemeal dentistry, she wanted to address the problem and not just the symptoms. Rejuvenation Dentistry gave her a stable bite and a beautiful smile that will last her entire lifetime. Suzanne suffered from severe facial tension, clenching and headaches. She was losing bone around her teeth not from gum disease but from the uneven forces placed upon her teeth, gums, and bone from malocclusion.  Her condyles were stabilized with orthotic therapy and then her mouth rejuvenated. The results speak for themselves.
Laurie was a 50 year old female at the time of treatment and in good systemic health. Her chief complaint was her worn teeth along with headaches and facial muscle pain. After a complete examination and diagnosis Laurie was first treated with a Condylar Centering Orthotic (C2O). She wore the C2O full time for 4 weeks coming in for weekly shim adjustments with Dr. Stewart. Once her joints were stabilized she was pain free. A definitive diagnosis was then made with hinge axis mounted models and a complete diagnostic wax up completed. The case was restored with Emax crowns on teeth #3,14,19 (these were done to replace old crowns). The remaining teeth were restored with minimally invasive composite resins. The result is a functional, harmonious occlusion with great esthetics and complete preservation of her natural tooth structure. Gregg’s chief complaint was facial pain, soreness in his TMJs and headaches. He had several consultations with prominent dentists in the San Diego. His treatment plan options all involved full coverage crown on all of his teeth. The fee ranges were $50,000 – $85, 000. More than the cost, Gregg’s chief concern was having all of his teeth prepped down for crowns. With our Rejuvenation approach we were able to restore Gregg with minimal or no prep Rejuvenation Composite Resins on all of his teeth except for his lower right bridge and two molar crowns which were replaced with traditional crown and bridge techniques. The result… a relaxed face from a restoration of his vertical dimension, a beautiful smile accomplished with minimal natural teeth preparation.
Reagan previously had two sets of porcelain veneers. She is very esthetic conscious but also was concerned with the wear on her lower teeth as well as neck and jaw pain. Reagan was treated with a conservative composite rejuvenation restoring her esthetic needs. Jake, an endodontist, recently developed disabling TMD symptoms with general fatigue. Splint therapy and conservative rejuvenation dentistry reversed his symptoms and gave him his life back.
Brenda suffered from daily head, neck and TMJ pain. She and her husband are chiropractors and for years the only relief she could get was from chiropractic adjustments, but even then the relief was only temporary. Through the Texas Center’s rejuvenation approach, we stabilized and centered her condyles with full-time wear of the condylar centering orthotic (C2O) and restored Brenda with minimally invasive rejuvenation consisting of additive composite resins on 25 teeth and replacing 3 existing crowns. Other than the 3 crowns, none of Brenda’s natural tooth structure was reduced. Her vertical dimension was restored with the additive composite resin bonding. With her TMJ fully seated, her facial, head and neck muscles are now relaxed and in harmony. The result is a dramatic difference in the way she looks and feels!

Empowering and Improving The Lives Of Dentists