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Resident Spotlight: Brad Duren

Resident Spotlight: Brad Duren

“We need a paradigm shift in dentistry.”
Dr. Brad Duren grew up in Longview, TX where his father was a successful orthodontist for 32 years. Seeing his father enjoy what he did really sparked him into pursuing a career in dentistry. Dr. Duren graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University and received his dental degree from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas.
When he started his first practice, his consultant recommended he get contracted with several insurance companies. “I hated the first year of my practice,” says Dr. Duren. “I slowly started cutting plans because I needed to be happy for my patients to be happy.” Dr. Duren then attended several continuums Pankey. “But I felt like it wasn’t giving me the whole story,” says Dr. Duren. “I knew there was more to the system than just a night guard.”
After advice from Dr. Hal Stewart, long-time friend and mentor, Dr. Duren began OBI in 2009. “After the first course, the light bulb just came on,” says Dr. Duren. Before completing level four of OBI, Dr. Duren decided to attend the Texas Center instead, which continued to open his eyes further. “Before the Texas Center I would have looked at so many cases and said, ‘automatic crowns,’ but now I can do severely worn dentition cases with minimally invasive composite,” says Dr. Duren.

Dr. Duren working in the operatory with fellow residents and clinical instructor, Dr. John Korolewski.

As mentioned, Dr. Duren has attended many continuing education programs including the Pankey Institute and OBI. “But after going through the Texas Center, you’re not fearful of doing another case because you’ve already done one successfully,” says Dr. Duren. “This can’t be done with 100 to 150 people like there are at most other continuums.” At the Texas Center class sizes are kept small so that each student, before graduating, will complete, at least, one full mouth BioRejuvenation case with the hands-on help and mentorship of the clinical instructors.

Dr. Duren working, hands-on, with adjunct instructor Curt Morgese, CDT.

After attending the Texas Center, Dr. Duren is now able to address new and existing patients who are having TMJ symptoms. “Those situations are not addressed in 99% of practices. They are just given a band aid like a night guard,” says Dr. Duren. “And I was doing that for years, but now I know better and can actually talk to and educate my patients.”

“I can really help people and change their lives.”

Dr. Brad Duren has now been practicing in Flower Mound, TX, only miles from the Texas Center, since 2010 and is excited to have introduced BioRejuvenation to his patients. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. He has a beautiful wife, Kristin, and five children. We are so proud of the hard work Dr. Duren has accomplished and are excited to see what the future has in store for him.

Dr. Duren’s first BioRejuvenation case completed during his residency.

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