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Resident Spotlight: Will Yoder

Resident Spotlight: Will Yoder

“There’s not many other places that you get to work hands-on every single time with the same residents and instructors.”
Growing up, Dr. Yoder’s dentist had a great fee for service practice. When he began considering what he wanted to study in college, his parents suggested something in the healthcare field. So, Dr. Yoder thought he would go and shadow his dentist for a few months. Dr. Yoder was really drawn to the relationships that his dentist got to build with his patients, the interesting procedures he did, and the fact that he ran his own business. From there, Dr. Yoder graduated with his undergraduate degree from George Town College and went on to attain his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Yoder then traveled to St. Petersburg, FL to complete an Advanced Education in General Dentistry where he received over 200 hours of training in full-mouth rehabilitation, cosmetics, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.
When Dr. Yoder returned to Kentucky after his residency, he bought a fee for service practice and has been practicing for 3 ½ years. His beautiful wife, Jenna, also works alongside him as his marketing assistant.
Dr. Yoder has dedicated a lot of his time in continuing education to better himself for his patients. “In all my prior training in occlusion, we talked about what the final results looked like. There was no emphasis on stabilization and how that can lead to the final diagnosis,” says Dr. Yoder. “I was missing the middle piece between meeting a patient and restoring a patient.”
“I knew that in order to maintain my fee for service practice, I needed to differentiate myself from other general dentists,” says Dr. Yoder. “That’s what lead me to the Texas Center.”

At the Texas Center, we focus on keeping our class sizes small so that residents get extensive hands-on experience and access to the instructors both in the center and back at their practice. We also require each resident to complete a full-mouth case before graduating, so that they leave successfully practicing BioRejuvenation Dentistry. And in Dr. Yoder’s case, as well as most residents, this has paid off. “Just this year I have already paid for my training at the Texas Center 3 or 4 times over,” says. Dr. Yoder.

Dr. Yoder is now able to sit with and educate his patients. He has seen many patients that, prior to the Texas Center, he was not able to treat. But now he has the knowledge and the skills to not only treat these patients, but improve their overall health.
After graduating, Dr. Yoder wrote an extensive blog post about what he learned at the Texas Center and how it’s changed his practice. You can read his post here.
“Graduating from the Texas Center for Occlusal Studies and Minimally Invasive Dentistry was not the easy road. It was a financial commitment and it was a time commitment. And it’s a commitment to the way I practice dentistry. But I would make that choice again in a second because I don’t choose the easy road for my patients; I choose the right road.”

Dr. Yoder’s BioRejuvenation cases.

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