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    Transforming Patients Lives

    The minimally invasive techniques taught at the Texas Center are transformative to patients and practice alike. Below are some examples of the powerful patient transformations we have helped make happen. Laurie was a 50 year old female at the time of treatment. Her chief complaint was her worn teeth along with headaches and facial muscle pain. She wore the C2O full time for 4 weeks coming in for weekly shim adjustments with Dr. Stewart. The result is a functional, harmonious occlusion with great esthetics and complete preservation of her natural tooth structure.

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  • Complete a Minimum of Two Rejuvenation Cases

    Our residents diagnose, develop, and implement a treatment plan for two cases during the course.  They do this by bringing study models, photos (Powerpoint or Keynote); images (radiographs and CBCTs), they present their progress at each session and then are guided by their instructors on how to proceed. In addition to their own two cases, each resident is intimately involved with the diagnoses and treatment progress of their classmates.

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  • small classes

    Learn Minimally Invasive Full Mouth Restorative Techniques

    Composite resins and bonding techniques have opened up a whole new world in treating the chewing system. At The Texas Center we specialize in teaching additive bonding techniques that can be accomplished on enamel, dentin, and even over existing crowns. Our techniques are conservative, kind to tooth structure, and minimally invasive.  This makes each case more affordable for the patient and still profitable for the dentist. It creates a win-win situation.

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  • Treating TMJ Disorders

    Gain Confidence In Treating Any TMJ Disorder

    Successful full mouth rehabilitation always starts with a stable joint. Using CBCT and other images along with clinical signs, symptoms and knowledge of TMJ anatomy, our residents learn to diagnose and treat myofacial pain and TMDs with confidence.

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  • Rejuvenate Your Love For Dentistry

    Gain More Satisfaction and Love for Dentistry

    Rejuvenation dentistry will set you apart from your peers. It will give you the ability to treat large, complex cases and more simple cases alike. It will allow you to do this with confidence using conservative, minimally invasive techniques. It will get you out of the insurance game for good. It will equip you to meet a growing demand in the market as millions of people suffer from TMDs and myofacial pain. These individuals are seeking long-term treatment and not just the typical ‘Band-Aid’ approach.

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I believe this is the best investment I have made in my dental education!  I respect my patients enough to learn how to provide the best treatment for them to last a lifetime.
– Mary R. Isaacs, DMD, FAGD

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